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Elo | Smart Thermotherapy System

Elo | Smart Thermotherapy System

Designed for elevated thermotherapy that soothes pain and calms senses. Featuring instant heating and simple clean-up. Includes smart stones with built-in safety sensing for perfect temperature control and peace of mind. Naturally smooth glide and fully compatible with your favorite oils and gels. Trusted by professionals and elite athletes.

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Includes infinite use Elo Stones

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Arrives in 1 – 4 days | 30-day money back guarantee | 1-yr limited warranty


  • Instant heating – less than 1 min per stone
  • Instant reheating – reheats in seconds for unlimited use
  • Custom temperature (100F – 140F)
  • Pro-grade materials
  • 6 heat zones for different stone temperatures
  • Live temperature readings
  • 6 light therapy patters and 3 lamp modes
  • App control and firmware updates
  • Energy efficient (~9W per heating vs 750W traditional heaters)

What is Elo Stone?

Elo Stone is a smart thermal stone with built-in heating-element and sensing to monitor temperature 10x per second for safety. Engineered from advanced heat-dense materials, it is designed for optimal gliding, working and scraping and reheats in seconds for infinite use in a session. Elo Stones contain no batteries and heat lasts as long as traditional stones.

Elo Stone 3D is the same size and is 3x heavier for deeper heat, grounding placements and larger muscle areas.

Cleaning instructions

Clean and sterilize Elo in seconds using a moist alcohol wipe. Use the wipe to gently clean each stone slot and the top surface of the device. Elo Stones can also be wiped down in the same way or fully submerged in hot water and a mild detergent to clean and renew.

What’s included

  • Elo Dock
  • 6x Elo Stone with Themadense™️ technology
  • Protective Carry CaseLow voltage 120W Power Adapter
  • Protective Tray for travel (Elo Pro only)

Oil compatibility

Elo Stones are fully compatible with most massage oils, gels, lotions and other mediums. Oily stones can be easily reheated in the dock as long as they are not dripping. Elo Stones are non-porous, meaning they will not absorb mediums applied to them and wipe down easily.

Note for Therapists

Elo is used by thousands of therapists and spas worldwide and was designed to solve every issue with traditional hot stone services, while staying true to it’s ancient traditions. Easily integrate hot stone into any routine and take it anywhere in the included carry case.

Notes for traditional users:

  • Stone quantity – you don’t need 30+ stones for a full session. Elo Stones reheat in seconds and can be reused infinitely. With just 6 Elo Stones, you can perform a full service, using two stones at a time for a continuous flow.
  • Placements – for a traditional placement that takes it to the next level, therapists can use Elo Stone 3D for a 3x heavier stone that grounds the body.
  • Heat length – stones hold their heat for as long as traditional basalt. Elo Stones can be placed back in the system to reheat in seconds.
  • Temperature – single degree selection means you can make even a slight change in temperature to get exactly what you want while keeping a client safe and comfortable.
  • Zoned heat – set different temperatures for different stones so you can start with less intensity and then work up to hotter temperatures with ease.
  • Set up and cleaning time – Elo is ready in minutes and cleans up in seconds. See cleaning section for more.
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  • I’m in love 😍

    The stones are so smooth and reheat literally in seconds. I can do a full massage with just 6 stones, and the 3D stones are great for placements.

    - Drew M., Therapist

  • Game changer

    A huge money maker for my practice. My clients love Elo! In just 3 months I’ve made my investment back 2x over. They heat up fast and are very simple to clean. Thank you! 😊

    - Sam J., Spa Owner

  • Traditional hot stone, no mess

    We stopped using crockpots years ago because of the time and mess. Since then, no solution has come close as a real replacement. Elo makes traditional possible again and kicks it up to a whole new level. Nice job!

    - Nicole F., Therapist

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The perfect stone.

Smooth, with long-lasting heat – ideal for any technique or style.

Natural, long-lasting heat

Consistent, long-duration heat. Reheats in seconds when docked. Sustainable and natural.

The best hand-feel

Shaped to fit perfectly in your palm and for easy grip for deeper work.

Smooth glide

Effortless, silky-smooth glide. Fully compatible with your favorite oils and gels.

Fully liquid-proof

Does not absorb oils, bacteria or body liquids. 100% non-porous for medical-grade hygiene.

Innovative 3D Stones. 3x heavier for deeper heat. Ideal for larger muscles and grounding placements.

Our patent-pending stone technology enables impossibly heavy stones that hold more heat and penetrate deeper into muscles to take recovery further. Use Elo Stone 3D for deeper heat, grounding placements and larger muscle areas. Reheats in seconds for infinite use.

See it in action.

Have a look at how therapists are using Elo in their practices on a daily basis.

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  • Elo Pro


    Slate Grey




    Custom (100°f – 140°f)

    Heat zones

    Up to 6 zones

    Travel Carry Case


  • Elo Plus


    Porcelain White


    Within minutes


    7 levels

    Heat zones

    Single zone

    Travel Carry Case


  • Experience & connectivity:

    Light ring

    16m colors, 6 visualizations, 3 lamp modes

    Wireless connectivity


    Firmware updates

    From Elo App

  • Oil compatibility & cleaning:

    Medium compatibility

    Oils, gels and balms safe for use on skin

    System sterilization

    Most natural or alcohol-based wipes and sprays

    Stone sterilization

    Sterilizing wipe / fully water-submergible

Technical specifications

  • Length, Width, Height

    8.9" x 4.8" x 5.4"

    Net weight

    9.8 lbs

    Stone size

    3.5” x 3” x 0.6”

    Stone weight

    0.4 lb (Elo Stone) / 1.1 lb (Elo Stone 3D)

    Voltage, frequency

    120 – 240V, 50/60Hz