Advancing a tradition.

A stone true to it’s ancient roots. Designed to soothe and calm the way hot stones have for millennia, while pushing the practice to a whole new level.

The perfect stone.

Smooth, with long-lasting heat – ideal for any technique or style.

Natural, long-lasting heat

Consistent, long-duration heat. Reheats in seconds when docked. Sustainable and natural.

The best hand-feel

Shaped to fit perfectly in your palm and for easy grip for deeper work.

Smooth glide

Effortless, silky-smooth glide. Fully compatible with your favorite oils and gels.

Fully liquid-proof

Does not absorb oils, bacteria or body liquids. 100% non-porous for medical-grade hygiene.

All about experience.

Designed to feel amazing, from weight to texture and heat depth.

  • 3x denser than stone

    Our patent-pending stone technology enables impossibly heavy stones that hold more heat and penetrate deeper into muscles to take recovery further.

  • Ultra-smooth texture

    Silky soft, for the smoothest glide on skin. Elo Stone is non-porous and absorbs no liquids or oils, reducing drag for the best experience.

  • Long-lasting heat

    Elo Stone is engineered from sustainable materials that hold up to 3x more heat than traditional volcanic basalt used by the ancients, for deeper, longer heat.

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Smart monitoring keeps you safe.

  • Innovation in materials and heating technology.

  • Get peace of mind. Elo monitors temperature 10 times per second for maximum safety. Advances in material science enable internal heating for optimal consistency and complete liquid-proofing for medical-grade hygiene.

  • Elo’s temperature accuracy ensures that every treatment is consistent in experience and exactly as you intend. Build the confidence you need to push treatments to new heights.

Select extra stones.

  • Elo Stone

    Designed for optimal gliding, working and scraping. Reheats in seconds for infinite use.

    6 included + protective case


    Obsidian Black


    0.4 lbs


    3.5” x 3” x 0.6”

    Travel carry case


  • Elo Stone 3D

    3x denser for deeper heat, grounding placements and larger muscle areas. Reheats in seconds for infinite use.

    6 included + protective case


    Ash Grey


    1.1 lbs


    3.5” x 3” x 0.6”

    Travel carry case


  • Oil compatibility & cleaning:

    Medium compatibility

    Oils, gels and balms safe for use on skin

    Stone sterilization

    Sterilizing wipe / fully water-submergible

  • Technical specifications:


    Built-in heating element

    Temperature sensing

    Built-in temperature sensor




    Non-porous, no absorption of liquids or oils

    Surface texture

    Aeroglide technology for ultra-smooth glide